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Your orthopedic health can be affected by injuries or chronic conditions at any stage of life due to different causes, which is why it’s critical to work with a specialist who is experienced and knowledgeable in treating a variety of orthopedic issues. These include conditions or injuries that may result from age (such as trauma and fractures in the clavicle, upper and lower extremities, and hip), and those that often develop over time due to lifestyle or genetics (like carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and Dupuytren’s contracture) or that can result from more sudden occurrences (rotator cuff, Achilles tendon, shoulder, and knee injuries, among others). A provider who truly specializes in complete orthopedic surgical care will offer these and other services, which allows his or her patients to receive efficient care, particularly for those patients who are experiencing more than one orthopedic issue.

Because orthopedic wellness is a continuum over the course of our entire lives, Dr. Clark is proud to offer comprehensive orthopedic services for patients of all ages. He also understands that every patient is different, and deserves customized care, which is why he has been at the forefront in the Cedar Valley and the state of Iowa in offering less-invasive surgical options for total knee and total hip replacements. During these procedures, patients receive smaller incisions and encounter less blood loss and reduced damage to surrounding tissue and other areas while often being able to walk or resume normal activities in physical therapy earlier, all as compared to more traditional surgical methods. Through these techniques, Dr. Clark strives to minimize the impact of these traditionally invasive procedures on his patients, with the goal of shortening their hospital stays and physical rehabilitation programs after surgery and getting them back to their full level of pre-operation activity as soon as possible. Click here to find out more about Dr. Clark’s innovative approach to total knee replacements and total hip replacements.

Less Pain, Limited Opioids

The method in which you manage pain is also critical to your ongoing orthopedic wellness after surgery. As a component of Dr. Clark’s progressive, less-invasive approach to orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation, he utilizes a multimodal program that focuses on non-narcotic pain management for patients after surgery, a practice he has employed for years. Under this approach, many of his patients who have undergone orthopedic procedures will be prescribed opioid pain medication at far less-frequent rates than has traditionally been the case with these surgeries. This is particularly important in light of the current concern in our country with opioid pain medication abuse and addiction among many Americans, and is an approach that is supported by current research by The Mayo Clinic, which found that nearly a quarter of patients receive three-to-four-month opioid pain medication prescriptions in cases where only short-term prescriptions are appropriate. Dr. Clark’s practices evidence-based medicine, which uses current research, clinical information and patient-specific data to help his patients achieve optimal outcomes, and one vital component of that is his approach to post-operative narcotic pain management.


Age should not be an impediment to achieving a positive orthopedic outcome. Dr. Clark’s practice, and his work with his patients, is founded on that concept, and he utilizes it every day. As a former college athlete whose career was cut short by a knee injury, Dr. Clark knows firsthand how orthopedic injuries and conditions can dramatically alter a person’s activity level, and he also understands the importance of goal-setting when it comes to achieving victory on the playing field and over those orthopedic issues.

Age should not be an impediment to achieving a positive orthopedic outcome.

Dr. Clark’s primary goal in working with his patients is to help them achieve total victory over the orthopedic issues that are standing in their way. This means partnering with each of them to define that issue and discuss and jointly decide on a treatment approach, including the step-by-step responsibilities of the patient and provider within that chosen course of action. Maintaining an open line of communication, Dr. Clark and his patients undertake their designated roles and share a mutual responsibility for the ultimate orthopedic outcome. Dr. Clark and his patients set total victory over orthopedic impediments as their goals, and attain it through a determined, deliberate, and goal-oriented pursuit of this orthopedic wellness. Encouraging each of his patients not to use age, past experiences, or other factors as excuses for not undergoing a procedure that can help improve their quality of life, Dr. Clark partners with these patients to use a team approach to reach optimal orthopedic outcomes. If you’ve been experiencing an orthopedic injury or condition that is negatively impacting your life, Dr. Clark can help you develop and implement a plan for achieving total victory over that issue.


Providing comprehensive orthopedic services to patients of all ages requires a high level of expertise and training. Practicing since 2000, Dr. Clark completed residencies in pediatric orthopedics and trauma and joint arthroplasty in New Orleans, Louisiana and Tampa, Florida and previously served as an adjunct assistant professor and clinic instructor of orthopedics at Des Moines University and Michigan State University, respectively. He also currently serves as the Head of Athletic Training/Medical Director at Wartburg College and the University of Northern Iowa, as well as the Chief of Surgery and Chief of Orthopedics at UnityPoint-Allen Hospital and as an Oral Examiner with the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery. Through these extensive clinical and teaching experiences, Dr. Clark has become an expert in the field of surgical orthopedics, and draws on this background every day to provide general orthopedic care to patients of all ages.

With this substantial expertise, Dr. Clark’s practice emphasizes provider accessibility for patients, as he personally attends patient appointments and is available to answer questions. A recent trend throughout medicine is for specialists such as orthopedic surgeons to not attend patient appointments, instead having patients meet with nurse practitioners or other providers, including for non-routine appointments. As with many providers, Dr. Clark has a skilled and trusted nurse practitioner and team of support specialists to assist him in providing excellent care for his patients. However, despite this modern trend toward less direct provider involvement in patient appointments, Dr. Clark prioritizes the type of patient-provider communication that can best be shared in a one-on-one setting such as an in-office appointment, and understands that his patients rely on his knowledge and experience when selecting a provider and undergoing orthopedic care in the pre- and post-treatment stages as well as during the operational phase. Meeting regularly with his patients to discuss their conditions, hear and address their concerns, and share his knowledge and expertise is an approach that allows Dr. Clark to best serve his patients with individualized treatments and help them achieve total victory over orthopedic impairments.

Dr. Clark’s practice emphasizes provider accessibility for patients, as he personally attends patient appointments and is available to answer questions.

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