Real Victories

Through his progressive, evidence-based surgical techniques and his commitment to partnering with his patients to share decision-making and responsibility when it comes to those procedures, Dr. Clark has helped many patients achieve personal victory over their injuries and age-related conditions. These are their stories.


Taylor Gilson

In May 2017, Wartburg College’s Taylor Gilson, 2017 IIAC Pitcher of the Year, pitched a complete-game shutout to clinch the Iowa Conference championship for the Knights, but broke his collarbone in the post-game celebration. Fearful that his senior season was over, Gilson consulted Dr. Clark and underwent surgery to repair his collarbone. Eleven days later, Gilson pitched seven scoreless innings to lead the Knights to a win in the NCAA Division III regionals.

Jed Smith

As the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), where Dr. Clark’s clinic is located, Jed Smith works directly with Dr. Clark in treating college athletes who face orthopedic injuries and conditions. Dr. Clark brings his extensive experience as a college team physician since 2000 and as an attending sideline physician for more than 500 college football and basketball games to overseeing the orthopedic health of UNI and other college athletes. He is also knowledgeable in, and adapts his treatment techniques based on, the latest orthopedic surgical methods. To discover how Dr. Clark makes a difference for college athletes, click on Jed’s video.

Tom Peterson

After suffering with significant hip pain that caused him to limp and sleep in a recliner at night, Tom Peterson consulted with Dr. Clark concerning his condition. Total replacement of Tom’s hip through the direct anterior surgical approach was recommended, which is a less-invasive technique that preserves surrounding tissue, reduces the risk of dislocation, and minimizes patient pain and post-surgical rehabilitation. Within weeks of the surgery, Tom was no longer experiencing pain or physical limitations. To learn more, click on his video.


Rick Hartzell, Director of Athletics, Upper Iowa University

I have been a patient of Dr. Clark’s for over 15 years.  In every instance he has treated me professionally and with a high level of care and skill.  We finally determined that I needed my right knee replaced and that was done earlier this summer.  The entire process went exactly as described and I thrilled to be pain free and fully mobile for the first time in years.  Not only was the surgery a complete success, but it went exactly as planned.  Dr. Clark is an outstanding surgeon and person and I routinely recommend him to anyone who has any sort of orthopedic issue.  I cannot possibly imagine being treated any better anywhere in the country.  His staff is top notch as are the physical therapy staff whom I have worked with on a number of occasions.  All of us in the Cedar Valley are fortunate to have highly skilled professionals like Dr. Clark in our midst.

Dennis Hankes, Kelsey, IA

I could hardly walk before the ultrasound guided intra-articular corticosteroid injection into my right hip. Due to the pain, I had use a cane to get around and was unable to dress myself.  After the injection, I am almost pain free! I have been able to return to work as a semi-truck driver. I can climb in and out of the truck to multiple times a day without any problems! I am even able to use a riding law mower to do yard work, something I haven’t done in three years! My wife says I am so much happier and have a better attitude and disposition since the injection too!

George North, Allison, IA

I had a very positive experience throughout the anterior approach total hip arthroplasty procedure with Dr. Clark. The results are unbelievable and wish I would have done it two years sooner! I am a disciple of the anterior approach and can do anything I want to do without any pain or issues!

Wilbur Williams, Hudson, IA

This surgery, was the first surgery that I have had. I was very apprehensive; however, I experienced very little pain with surgical process. Dr. Clark and his staff were very thorough and made me feel comfortable during the entire procedure. I would absolutely recommend the WALANT by Dr. Clark and am already scheduled for the the same procedure for my right wrist!

Beverly Reints, Shell Rock, IA

I was initially nervous about my primary care provider’s referral to Dr. Clark’s office due to his experience in Sports Medicine. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the personalized care that I received throughout my entire treatment plan. Before I had a total knee replacement, I experienced daily pain for 4 -5 years. Since surgery, I have been able to do everything and anything that I want! I keeping up with my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, ages new born – 25 years old. I would recommend Dr. Clark and his staff to everyone!

Steven Findley, Waverly, IA

The wide awake local anesthetic no tourniquet technique for a trigger finger release was an excellent way to complete the surgery. The local anesthetic injection was less painful than corticosteroid injections that I have had in the past. Due to the dressing that is placed on the incision after surgery, I would suggest patients wear slip on shoes and elastic waist band shorts/pants the day of the procedure. Overall, I had a very positive experience and I would highly recommend Dr. Clark. I am very happy with the results of my WALANT trigger finger release!

Greg Hovden, Waverly, IA

I am a retired teacher, but continue to teach drivers education. Before I had the anterior approach total hip arthroplasty, I was in a lot of pain. Since surgery, I am pain free! I can teach drivers education and climb the stairs at the school without a problem. I am also a radio broadcaster for Waverly-Shell Rock High School Wrestling and Wartburg College Wrestling. There are times that I climb stairs to the very top of a gymnasium to broadcast. Since surgery, I can do so without pain or concerns about my hip! Dr. Clark was open about my treatment options and took excellent care of me throughout the entire surgical process. My hip feels great and I wish I would have had the hip replacement it sooner!

Jennifer Monaghan, Waverly, IA

I have had wonderful experiences with many procedures with Dr. Clark, including two carpal tunnel releases and three trigger finger releases. The carpal tunnel releases went very well. In regards to the three trigger finger releases, WALANT is the way to go! I was glad to avoid general anesthesia. I was able to have my family involved and liked the ability to communicate with Dr. Clark and the surgical staff throughout the entire surgical process. I am very pleased with all of Dr. Clark’s outstanding staff, including Brenda and the surgical team!

Dale Olsen, New Hartford, IA

I have had one posterior approach total hip replacement and one anterior approach total hip replacement. The anterior approach total hip arthroplasty is the way to go! Before my hip replacement, my joint was worn out and I had to use crutches to walk. Currently, I am doing wonderfully! I had less pain, stress, and total recovery time with the anterior approach. Overall, my experience was fantastic!

Teri Trask, Cedar Falls, IA

I am thrilled with my shoulder surgery and progress to date. The office staff was was beyond helpful with answering my questions. I received realistic yet optimistic medical advise. Dr. Clark, Brenda, and their staff provided education, inspiration, and support to reach my personal goals of a physically active lifestyle. I received efficient medical care without the cost of a personal experience. Overall, I am ecstatic about my outcomes to this point!

James Seeley, Cedar Falls, IA

I was informed about the anterior approach hip replacement and Dr. Clark from my friends. Before surgery, I had to complete many medical clearances. In the end, the pre-surgical optimization process had a very positive effect on the outcomes of my hip. I believe the anterior approach is a less painful recovery process. Currently, I am able to complete all the activities that I was doing prior to surgery and more! I walk, garden, and mow my lawn without any pain. I currently live a worry-free lifestyle without any concerns related to my hip. My wife and I are very pleased!

Judy Nielsen, Cedar Falls, IA

I had a wonderful healing experience with Dr. Clark. He did an absolutely fabulous job with my surgery and outcomes. I would highly recommend Dr. Clark to anyone and am so very happy with how I am doing.

Jeanne Marie Wolkenhauer, Waterloo, IA

I had a wonderful experience with a right and left carpal tunnel release procedures. Dr. Clark is a superhero for using the WALANT technique for carpal tunnel release. It was great to avoid the anesthesia process. I was Dr. Clark’s first patient to use the WALANT technique and am very pleased with the results. I would  highly recommend Dr. Clark and the WALANT technique.

Debra Stumme, Waverly, IA

Before the surgery , I was in a lot of pain. I wobbled to walk, used a cane, and was struggling to get any sleep at night. After – awesome! I am back to doing activities of daily living, weeding my garden, driving a gator, and watering my flowers without any pain or problems. I am doing activities I haven’t done in the last few years. Dr. Clark and the procedure gave me back the ability to live a physically active life. My husband and I are so very happy!

David Jackson, Cedar Falls, IA

I am more than happy with Dr. Clark, his care team, and my left and right total knee replacements. Physical therapy is a crucial role in the recovery process. I am very pleased with Dr. Clark and Brenda’s recommended therapy protocol in addition to the specific physical therapist that I worked with. I am much stronger than before surgery, and can now walk 4-5 miles a day with my wife and dog. I could not be happier with both of my total knee replacements.

Michael Grant, Independence, IA

Dr. Clark gave me my legs back. I could not walk before and if I would not have had surgery I would be in a wheel chair. Now, I can sit in a car for 8-10 hours, walk fish, and do pool workouts without a problem. I am very happy. Brenda is also very enjoyable to work with and does a really good job.

Diedrich Eulrich, Allison, IA

I don’t have any problems with my knee. Before, I was in so much pain that I was falling to the ground. Now, the pain is gone! I am able to complete my maintenance job at Wartburg College without a problem. I am also very happy with my incision.

“It’s outstanding. The difference the surgery has made, Diedrich is pain free now!” – Diedrich’s wife, Colleen.

Edward Schmadeke, Cedar Falls, IA

Dr. Jeff Clark is very personal and has a great surgical team. My surgery went perfectly, I had absolutely no complications. The recommended therapy was exactly what I needed. The prescription for hydrotherapy was very useful and I enjoyed it. I followed his therapy recommendations exactly and I am glad I did because I had no problems. I like the anterior approach procedure. I also like his recommendations for yearly follow ups and will be seeing him annually. I am also able to complete daily living activities, a daily exercise regime, fishing and golfing without any problems!

Francis Kroemer, Cedar Falls, IA

I was introduced to Dr. Clark by other snow birds and we all think the world of him. I like the anterior approach better than the posterior approach. Some of my friends have had the posterior approach and I have watched them suffer. I do not feel like I have even had surgery.

Tom Peckham, Dike, IA

Olympic Wrestler, Placed 4th in the 1968 Summer Olympics (192lb, Freestyle)

I noticed a big difference in this hip compared to my other hip which was a posterior total hip replacement, 8 years ago. The first two weeks is much easier with this hip and the anterior approach. I walked with a cane when I first got home, but was able to walk on my own soon after. Now, 2 months later, I am still very happy with the progress I have made. I am able to walk 4 miles a day without any problems.