Peter J. Gartelos, Waterloo, IA

On October 2, 2017, I had a Left Anterior Total Hip Replacement performed by Dr. Clark with the end results being well beyond my expectations!  Having had my right hip replaced twelve years prior at the UIHC [Posterior approach] I was able to compare the two surgical procedures and the subsequent healing periods for both. Despite the fact that I was twelve years younger for the first hip replacement, the anterior approach performed by Dr. Clark far exceeded the prior surgery in just about every aspect.  The first surgery took 3 hours; Dr. Clark’s surgery took about 35 minutes; The first surgery required a hospital stay; I went home the same afternoon after Dr. Clark’s surgery; I was off work for approximately two weeks after my first surgery; I went back to my law practice mediating cases 4 days after Dr. Clarks surgery; and, most importantly, I’m now back on the golf course with absolutely no pain or mobility issues!!  Thank you Dr. Clark for a job well done and for giving me my health and mobility back (especially during my senior years).