Real Victories

Through his progressive, evidenced-based surgical techniques and his commitment to partnering with his patients to share decision-making and responsibility when it comes to those procedures, Dr. Clark has helped many patients achieve individual victories over orthopedic impediments. We call these “Real Victories”, and the stories of some of these patients, as well as other professionals who work closely with Dr. Clark to achieve these patient victories, are featured below.


Taylor Gilson

In May 2017, Wartburg College’s Taylor Gilson, 2017 IIAC Pitcher of the Year, pitched a complete-game shutout to clinch the Iowa Conference championship for the Knights, but broke his collarbone in the post-game celebration. Fearful that his senior season was over, Gilson consulted Dr. Clark and underwent surgery to repair his collarbone. Eleven days later, Gilson pitched seven scoreless innings to lead the Knights to a win in the NCAA Division III regionals. As with Taylor’s surgery, Dr. Clark focuses on minimizing the invasiveness, pain, and recovery time patients experience after undergoing orthopedic surgical procedures. Click on the video to hear Taylor’s story.

Jed Smith

As the Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Northern Iowa (UNI), where Dr. Clark’s clinic is located, Jed Smith works directly with Dr. Clark in treating college athletes who face orthopedic injuries and conditions. Dr. Clark brings his extensive experience as a college team physician since 2000 and as an attending sideline physician for more than 500 college football and basketball games to overseeing the orthopedic health of UNI and other college athletes. He is also knowledgeable in, and adapts his treatment techniques based on, the latest orthopedic surgical methods. To discover how Dr. Clark makes a difference for college athletes, click on Jed’s video.

Tom Peterson

After suffering with significant hip pain that caused him to limp and sleep in a recliner at night, Tom Peterson consulted with Dr. Clark concerning his condition. Total replacement of Tom’s hip through the direct anterior surgical approach was recommended, which is a less-invasive technique that preserves surrounding tissue, reduces the risk of dislocation, and minimizes patient pain and post-surgical rehabilitation. Within weeks of the surgery, Tom was no longer experiencing pain or physical limitations. To learn more, click on his video.


Peter J. Gartelos, Waterloo, IA

Treatment: Left Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Update: Post-Op 6.5M

On October 2, 2017, I had a Left Anterior Total Hip Replacement performed by Dr. Clark with the end results being well beyond my expectations!  Having had my right hip replaced twelve years prior at the UIHC (Posterior approach) I was able to compare the two surgical procedures and the subsequent healing periods for both.  Despite the fact that I was twelve years younger for the first hip replacement the Anterior approach performed by Dr. Clark far exceeded the prior surgery in just about every aspect.  The first surgery took 3 hours; Dr. Clark’s surgery took about 35 minutes; The first surgery required a hospital stay; I went home the same afternoon after Dr. Clark’s surgery; I was off work for approximately two weeks after my first surgery; I went back to my law practice mediating cases  4 days after Dr. Clarks surgery; and, most importantly, I’m now back on the golf course with absolutely no pain or mobility issues!!  Thank you Dr. Clark for a job well done and for giving me my health and mobility back (especially during my senior years).

David Nicol, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Treatment: Left Total Knee Replacement

Update: Post-op 3.5 months

” I think the process is as good as I could have hoped for and I have progressed better than I could have hoped for. It is nice to be confident in the doctor. I am beyond satisfied with my outcomes. I am able to golf, play with my grandkids, and all other physical activities that I desire to do. Again, it is all I could have hoped for.”

Robert Beener, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Treatment: Right Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Update: Post-Op 2.5 Months, 89 year old U.S Army Korean Veteran

“I couldn’t be happier that I met Dr. Clark. I know what it is like to not be able to move. From the moment I walked out of the hospital, I was great. My hip is great, I don’t have any pain. It has changed my life, it really has!”

Steve Ruter, Kanawha, Iowa

Treatment: Left Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Update: Post-op 6 months+, Iowa high school basketball referee: 110+ games since having surgery.

“It’s really pretty amazing. I missed six days of work and within three months I was back refereeing basketball games. I have refereed over 110 games since surgery. I never regret doing it.”