Dr. Clark’s NSCA Lecture Well-received

Dr. Clark’s recent lecture, “Evolutions in Best Practice Surrounding Injuries of the Knee” at the National Strength and Conditioning Association Clinic was well-received.

UNI strength coach Jed Smith had this to say:

“I was very impressed as well as enlightened with Dr. Clark’s presentation on the evolution of the anterior cruciate ligament surgical reconstruction.  Dr. Clark painted the most thorough and clear timeline on how and why we are at the procedures we use currently in sports medicine.  He distinguished between methods and combination of techniques that constitute best practice when dealing with patients who will place high stress demands on the reconstructed knee post-surgery, in the realm of athletic competition.  He also discussed recommended recovery times post operation with certain procedures and touched on his philosophies of rehabilitation tactics.  Overall, when comparing different presentations I have observed regarding the ACL, Dr. Clark’s is unparalleled.”